About the Digital Library

The Texas A&M Digital Library provides access to digital collections and innovative scholarly services in support of research, teaching, and learning. These services are provided in partnership with the Texas Digital Library

(TDL), a multi-university consortium of which Texas A&M is a founding member. Texas A&M Digital Library collections and services are maintained by the Digital Services & Scholarly Communication unit of the Texas A&M University Libraries. The Libraries' Digital Initiatives unit develops and maintains Digital Library systems.

The Digital Library provides access to collections of historical images, videos, maps, and more.

The Texas A&M Repository provides access to the scholarly output of the University, while preserving the scholarly legacy of faculty. The repository contains electronic theses and dissertations, faculty papers and books, technical reports, conference proceedings and digitized maps. For more information, contact your subject librarian or Digital Services & Scholarly Communication.

The Texas Digital Library (TDL) is a multi-university consortium dedicated to providing the digital infrastructure to support a fully online scholarly community for institutions of higher education in Texas. Through the establishment of shared policies and standards, forums for professional interaction, expertise in digital collections and preservation, and robust technical services, the TDL aims to increase the availability of the enormous intellectual capital produced throughout Texas universities.

Several scholarly services are available to Texas A&M faculty through the Digital Library and TDL.

  • Electronic journals
  • Scholarly blogs
  • Research wikis
  • Conference management