Further Information

Rights and Permissions

Some publications in Texas FARMER are in the public domain and free of all copyright restrictions. However, some publications are copyrighted by Texas A&M University and have been included in Texas FARMER with the express permission of the owner.

Technical Information

Printed publications included in Texas FARMER were scanned on Plusteck OptiBook 3600 book-edge scanners in compliance with National Agriculture Library Preservation Scanning Specifications

  • Black and White text originals: 400 dpi, 8 bit grayscale
  • Black and White text originals with photographs or illustrations: 600 dpi, 8 bit grayscale
  • Originals with color: 400 dpi, 24 bit color

Preservation masters were saved in uncompressed TIFF format, and Service copies for distribution were saved as PDF. All PDF’s were post-processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to capture full-text content. The text-searchable OPDF’s are delivered via the web as page images with uncorrected text beyond (Adobe Acrobat) saved as page images with text behind. Metadata descriptions associated with digitized publications were derived from the AGRICOLA database, where available. Otherwise metadata was manually created.

Contact Information

For additional information or comments about the Project, please contact Dr. Rob McGeachin at phone: 979-862-1066 or e-mail: r-mcgeachin@library.tamu.edu